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The Magic Of Books

I love books- In fact, not only am I a voracious reader I could possibly be a bigger collector of books. I also love a good bookstore- one that serves a beverage or two which invites you to linger longer.

I am so grateful I grew up in the era of the 'Bookmobile'. Every Thursday was a treat knowing I could spend 15 minutes walking through and touching a bunch of books before making a new section. Those stories took me on such adventures, introducing me to characters I still think about-- it was also cool having a library card that gave me the freedom to borrow any book I chose.

I never imagined one day (during my lifetime) I would use my Amazon account like my treasured library card- with the exception of downloading to my Kindle, I love to buy books.

I also never imagined I would self publish my own thought book in 2019- which by the way can be found on Amazon- '21 Day's to Bloom' by yours truly.

I am more of a human interest and self-help reader (probably not a big surprise)- I choose my books carefully because I understand the power and influence of the words contained on their pages. I believe reading more and binging less is good for my mind and spirit. This year my goal is to read 3 books a month. What are you reading? I would love to hear what inspires or captivates you in a great book. Please do share with me--Carla

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