Relationship Layers Can Be a Hidden Key to Rescuing Couples in Crisis

I just returned from a successful Relationship Rescue weekend in California. I love guiding couples through the process of gently uncovering the complicated layers of their relationship. It's easy to forget what attracted us to each other in the first place, especially as we add additional emotional layers over the years. Unmet expectations become layered on top of hurt, resentment, not feeling valued, loved or heard.

Everyone has emotional layers, and they're normal. When left unaddressed over time, however, they become hardened, almost impenetrable, if you don't recognize the warning signs and seek qualified help. Childhood wounds left unresolved will continue to resurface. This is a powerful opportunity to peel back the layers of your adverse childhood experiences, heal what you want to and move forward with more capacity in your heart to love yourself and others completely.

Don't fear the layers. Much like the concept line upon line, humans tend to learn best with smaller quantities of information. Every layer you discover holds wisdom and perspective that can help guide you towards healing your relationships. Yes, it takes some hard work and honesty. But I see time and time again, it can heal broken relationships that seemed doomed for failure.

So isn't that worth it?

With Much Love,


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