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8 Telltale Signs Your Relationship May Be Heading for (or in) Stormy Seas & What You Can Do About It

There is no question that navigating relationship waters can be challenging at best. Often times when a couple finally reaches out for help, their relationship is already on life support. Their "Mayday" call for help is now an urgent 911 rescue mission.

I am often asked, "what are the early warning signs of relationship trouble?" So I thought a post with my go-to list of telltale signs would be a useful tool for couples that may be feeling uneasy (or worse) about their current relationship.

These 8 signs will help you identify a potential storm:

1. A partner pulls away emotionally.

2. Communication becomes difficult.

3. Arguing becomes frequent.

4. A partner is very distracted and secretive especially with their phone.

5. Your intuition tells you something is off.

6. Your sex life becomes nonexistent.

7. Your partner becomes emotionally neglectful.

8. You notice a change in routine, sleep patterns, work schedule, family time.

Sure, this is a short list, however it gives you an idea of the outward signs of changing emotional behavior. And note, you don't have to be experiencing all 8 signs before reaching for help. Even one or two of these signs can mean something is amiss.

Take my advice: early intervention is the key to successfully navigating bumpy relationship waters. In fact, the best relationships I see are couples who schedule an annual emotional check up. A lot can happen in a year. Don't wait until you're in the middle of the storm.

A meaningful connection with another human being requires daily nurturing. Human beings are hard wired for love, trust, communication and daily love touches. When was your last relationship tune-up? If it's been awhile, or never, then it's time to set a new course.

Relationship Tune-Up Time

Much Love,

- Carla

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