60 My New Decade- Welcome!

I can clearly remember looking at myself in my bathroom mirror in 1979- I had just turned 18 and couldn't help but feeling a little grown up. After all, with my limited life experience I thought it was cool I was finally old enough to hit the south side of main street- or affectionally known as 'Bar Row'. Oh those awkward glory days of high school, friends, a little part time job and trying to fit into the world. Little could I have imagined the grand journey in front of me or frankly the unrelenting determination that lay inside of me.

What an extraordinary experiences, life has afforded me. Looking back I understand the significance of a stable childhood, complete with hard working parents, siblings and the opportunity and encouragement to strike out on my own. I never realized many of my childhood friends vewied my family as close to perfect and wealthy - because we had a swimming pool in the back yard - I have learned just how imperfect assumptions can be.

I have endured many hardships, detours and disappointments along my journey- I have gained my PhD through adversities I thought would break me- Lucky for me, I was born with a positively contagious sense of humor. Instead of wallowing- I quickly became an expert in discovering the rainbows and sliver linings of my experiences. For me life is like that- a daily adventure-no two days are ever the same.

What I know for sure- My purpose is to become more aware of the opportunities I have- to 'IMPACT' those around me. There is far to much darkness in the world- each of us have the opportunity to become lights- agents for positive change within ourselves, homes and communities. This is my 2021 challenge to all- Live with Intention & Purpose this year. Use your experience to enlighten another. Be Kind, Be Generous and Be A Good Human--Carla

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